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Our traditions

The tradition of the seafood dishes is thousand-year-old in Cisano di Bardolino. Since the Bronze Age Arrow Fishing and Hot Stones cooking was a routine. The Venetians, collected and pooled these dining experiences over the years, making them the business card of our region. The  “Al Germano Reale” staff has renovated those recipes with tasty harmony, to add that personal touch  that distinguishes us.

The cook team led by chef Maurizio will prepare you special dishes with fresh Lake fish and seafood and some delicious dishes of meat.

With a family atmosphere

The Al Germano Reale restaurant  is located on the Gardesana in a beautiful lakeside setting. It has its al fresco dining area in summer that becomes a window dining room in winter, overlooking PIazza Lago (the Lake Square), a car-free promenade where you can walk and enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy: the Garda Lake.

The Beltrames: Maurizio and Albina, together with their daughter Elisa, will welcome you in their facilities, where the staff will make you feel at home.

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