Fish specialties


The restaurant bases its menu on the fresh local produce. Among the specialties the pike or Lùs, as we say here, in a sauce with polenta; the grilled perch (we say it pèrserch), our Tench Risotto   (italian Rice dish), the grilled whitefish, and the rare lake trout or Truta, excellent and really tasty.

Finally our seafood specialties: Spaghetti allo Scoglio and Spaghetti al Germano Reale, the dish of the house.



The name probably originates in a Germanic patronymic: Bardolino or to “Pardali Bardali or” king’s daughter Auletes founder of Mantua. There are many artifacts which attest a life in Bardolino in Roman times, such as coins, memorial stones, plaques, sculptures, some visible in many parts of the municipality; and finds cemetery. Even many local place names are proof to a Latin civilization, or many leftovers of Roman walls document the presence of fixed constructions.